Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Decorating with kids

I'm not talking about decorating the house, I'm talking about decorating cakes and cookies, or cupcakes!

Two major things you will need:
1. Extra Time
2. Extra patience

Extra time because it takes longer to complete anything with little hands helping you, because they are slower. Actually the slow thing doesn't bother me, because I'm so slow by nature. If I were an animal I would've been a turtle, but a purple one of course, LOL!! Extra patience because, well, kids' are messy! No more explanation needed on that one :)

Normally whenever the kids' do anything that involves decorating with icing, I always let them use the little Pampered Chef items.

These are small enough to fit perfectly in their little sweet hands! Plus it saves me a lot of clean up because if you've ever let a kid use an icing bag you know what happens, it all comes out the back instead of the front! In a pinch I have used a bread tie to close the back end of the pastry bag, but it's still awkward in their hands and these little Pampered Chef things are cute! It only comes in a package of 3, so when baby Justin gets old enough to help I guess one of the big kids' will have to use the bag, but we won't think sad things like that about kids' growing up today!

So the next time you have some frosting, even store bought would work, let your little ones help you create something beautiful! It may not look even edible, but if your own child made it, you know it will be the most amazing thing in the world! Plus the added bonus will be you'll not only be spending time with your kids', you'll get to see that amazing smile light up that little face!! It's a win, win, situation for both of you :)


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