Thursday, July 1, 2010

So busy!!

I thought I would have much more time with the big kids' out of school for the summer, but the opposite is true, I have less time! They barely get two months off for summer break and I want to spend every moment I can with them. Yes I'm aware that this will grow old when they are teens, but we won't think about that now (happy thoughts, happy thoughts) LOL!

Anyway, my sweet Evan just turned 4 on Tuesday and we had his b-day party last Saturday. Since he is obsessed with Chuck E Cheese (what kid isn't? shoot I love it myself!) he wanted 'ole Chuck on his cake! He originally wanted a toilet cake complete with a turd inside. I looked at them on the internet and it was so disgusting that it even grossed him out, imagine that! So onto the new cake, he did try to change on me just a couple of days before the party when he saw Buzz LightYear in Wal-mart. I told him no, that I already had Chuck E Cheese made (frozen buttercream transfer). So with me already making "the mouse" the week before and throwing it in the freezer I was all set to go. I decided to do a cupcake cake, this was my 1st one ever and I do believe that I will continue to do them b/c it was so easy and so convenient, just pull apart, YAY!!!!

Normally I don't put last names, but for some strange reason I started Evan over to far to the left and had to put something on there to even it out! He wanted chocolate with chocolate icing and chocolate is what he got, SO much chocolate, LOL!
I still get teary eyed at each one of my kids' birthdays, just thinking about how fast they are growing up, it's sad to me and yet exciting to see them grow and develop into wonderful little people :) (PAUSE) for a wipe of tears! Only 4 things that can make me cry on demand, my kids' :)

My wonderful husband's b-day is in 2 days. We'll be at his family's house for a reunion, and the oldest big kids' are there right now. So we celebrated his b-day before they left. I fixed him homemade meatball subs, MMMMMMMM,,, makes my mouth water just thinking of them! I snapped a pic of them, but I think it's on my cell phone, not on the computer. Will have to try to get onto here so I can show you all and give you the recipe. It's so incredible! That was the best homemade Italian bread I have ever made and the meatball recipes were made by combining 2 recipes! Did I mention yummaroo on that one?? LOL!!

I have to say that I'm excited over 1st-seeing Nathan and Nicholas again (my sweet big kids'), it's only been 5 days, but feels like 5 yrs! 2nd excited about seeing my in-laws, I really enjoy spending time with them! 3rd I'm excited about eating my mother-in-laws food, LOL! Ok so I may have a small problem with food, but I can tell you I know I'll be eatin' good come this weekend :-) Mmmm, I can smell the baked beans already... speaking of smells, I fixed some Zucchini Bread the other day that was just incredible! First time that I had even eaten it! I feel like I was deprived of this amazing quick bread for almost 35 yrs of life, what a shame! LOL! My step-mom brought me some fresh zucchini out of the garden and I found the recipe on-line. You know that had to be a southerner that came up with zucchini bread, taking it and making it into something sweet and fattening, LOL!!

Well I guess I've blabbed long enough! Will try to post a recipe on here today!


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