Friday, July 9, 2010

The Gigantor saga continues...

Day 3 of leftover dinners from my infamous Gigantor the Chicken! Last night we had chicken nachos and tonight I just warmed up some leftover chicken with some Mrs. Dash sprinkled on it, some mac and cheese, corn cut off the cob,steamed broccoli,and some rolls and voila dinner for 6 for $.67 a serving! That's incredible news!! The sad news is that I still have chicken leftover. I should be happy b/c we'll have another meal, more than likely 2 meals, but I don't think anyone would complain if we didn't have chicken for a few days! I think I will freeze it and start having beef. Tacos are on the menu for tomorrow night anyways so that will work out great!

I can't believe that I haven't baked anything sweet all week long! I even fed my family store bought brown and serve rolls, not once, but twice! They'll live, those were the only rolls I ever got growing up!

I'm going to try out a new muffin recipe this weekend, that is if I still have apples left in the fridge! Right now we have 5 different kinds of fruit in the house and it'll all be gone by Monday!

I'm fighting the urge not to get up right now and go fix some tortilla chicken soup with the leftovers before freezing it. Ok, so maybe it's not the best thing to do at 9:30 at night! We have a busy day planned with the kids' tomorrow and I will need my rest after riding a bicycle today!

I think I will say my happy goodbye to Gigantor and retire him to the freezer :)


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