Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gigantor the Chicken!

The funniest, dumbest thing happened to me today that I just have to tell you all about it :)

I have a frozen chicken in the freezer, decide to throw it in the crock pot, I rinse it in hot water for awhile, doesn't phase it, so I decide to just check on it hourly to see when it is thawed enough to get the cavity present out, LOL! The orginal plan was to put the chicken on a few rolled up pieces of aluminum foil (read this on the internet). Well Gigantor was so big the lid wouldn't shut with him on the foil balls, so I decided to slice some onions up and throw it on that so he wouldn't stick to the bottom, worked good!

Fast forward to dinner time, Gigantor is just picture perfect and I do mean he looked mightly handsome! Paprika on chicken is like lipstick on lips, it just gives it a great color and makes it more attractive to the eyes! I go to snap a quick picture of him (yes everything is referred to him or his at my house, even my chicken, with 4 boys' here it's just easier! LOL!) my camera doesn't have the SD card in it, my dh (stands for dear husband) has it in the camcorder and I search for it and decide to give up, what kind of crazed woman goes around looking for an SD card to take a picture of a chicken?? (raising my hand) so dh comes home from work and I'm having the hardest time getting Gigantor out of the crock pot, I said Scott I need some help please. Of course he comes over and gets him out with one try, who would've known using 2 spatulas on a 7 lb chicken wouldn't raise it out? I always knew I married someone a whole lot smarter than me! LOL!!

This is where the funny part comes, the picture perfect bird is now on the cookie sheet (that is how huge it was!) and it's missing it's arms! The chicken wings/arms stuck to the side of the crock pot, ROFL!! I said where's the chicken and it made me think of Wendy's commercial, where's the beef? If you are not familiar with that commercial, then I guess it wouldn't be too funny running through your mind then :)

Gigantor was delicious despite the fact that he was armless, LOL! We have tons of leftovers for the next couple of meals also!

Ok, so maybe you won't find this as funny as I did, but it you could've seen those chicken arms stuck to the side it would've cracked you up too, LOL!


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