Saturday, July 24, 2010

My wonderful husband!

If you ask 100 ladies who the most wonderful man in the world is, what would they say? Would they say the President, some successful billionaire, or even Brad Pitt (rolling my eyes)? How many would say their very own husbands? I would dare say, not many!

This question got me thinking how sad that is. Sure we all have disagreements and get aggravated by our husbands some of the time, but how often do we take our husbands for granted? I know I'm very guilty of this.

I have an amazing husband that truly loves me and is an incredible father to our kids. He is a hard worker and tries his best to make me happy in life, what more could a girl want? Oh, did I mention he's easy on the eyes too? LOL!

I once heard Dr. Phil say that his definition of a successful husband is if his wife, Robin, was in a crowded room full of people, if she still felt that she was the luckiest woman in the room because she had him, then he was a success. Well if this is true, than my husband, Scott, is the most successful husband I know, because I'm so lucky to have him!


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