Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Someone Special Calls Me Mommy :)

Actually, 4 someone special's call me Mommy! Technically the baby calls me Momma, but pretty soon he will change to Mommy too! The idea behind this post was from what my oldest son told the others. We were all out of taco shells and Nicholas wanted more, Evan wasn't eating his and said he was done, so I told Nicholas to eat Evan's. Well Evan was ripping it to pieces with a fork trying to cut it, and of course now Nicholas no longer wants it looking like that! So I take out all of the filling and mix it with some tortilla chips and now he is all smiles with his taco salad. Nathan said Mommy can take anything messed up and fix it, even better than before, it's the magic of Mommy, it's Mommy Magic!

If only that mindset would last through the teen years! But I know it won't! It's normal progression in life for kids' to think their parents are almost super heroes, then complete idiots during the teen years and then somewhere along the road of life our parents become "normal" again, never to live up to the super hero status though, but thankfully you can appreciate them and accept that they are real humans with real flaws. Although I do believe that every adult still looks at their parents in the "hero" role every now and then, that's why you see some grown adults revert back to childlike behavior around their parents!

I like to think of Nathan's Mommy Magic comment as one of my "mommy rewards", you know instead of your boss saying, here's a raise, or a promotion, or even a pat on the back, a "mommy reward" is a love gift from your kids'! It could be a heartfelt compliment from your kids' or just a wonderful hug that was unexpected from little arms! Those are the things that matter most in life when you think about it.

You never truly know what unconditional love is until you become a Mommy!

Remember this saying: you may just be one person in the world, but to that one person, you ARE the world :)


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