Friday, January 14, 2011

Starting to enjoy this thing called cooking...

I don't like to cook, I've never liked to cook. I only cook because I have too! This may come as a shock to many of you, especially since I'm a Mother of 4! But to me cooking is just one of the many different roles a Mother is required to fill. Since I have a family and little kids can't cook for themselves, well, I gotta feed them, LOL! Now baking, I could bake day in and day out and not tire of that! Baking is a different story, but sadly, you shouldn't eat those yummy sweet treats everyday!

I've been trying out new recipes, trying out new flavors and actually starting to enjoy cooking more! It's been almost a month since I have cooked just about every single meal we've had, only having leftovers a couple of times. This means, no take out, no fast food, no delivery pizza, nope, just me with my apron on in the kitchen, blasting my music and cooking! LOL!

I now have a deeper appreciation of fresh food. Fast food just tastes so processed and flavorless (which I guess it is). If you don't eat it in a while and then eat it again, you will see what I am talking about!

So now instead of dreading dinner time, I'm starting to look at it differently, that it's not a chore (not as much anyways!), but a time when I get to create something nourishing and fulfilling for my guys :)


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