Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some tips...

When you have little ones in the kitchen with you, it's always best and more fun to have "little" kid tools/utensils for them. No, it's not a requirement to have, but it sure makes it easier for the kids to participate and hold with little hands, and besides, little tools just look so darn cute!! If you notice on my Blog picture, that is my big rolling pin, and the little one is my 4 year olds. Whenever he sees me grab my rolling pin, and, yes you guessed it, he goes to the cabinet and grabs his out too!

Also, if you have more than one kid. I suggest doing one on one baking projects. If you have the day free, let each kid choose their very own cookie and then that is the only kid that will help with that recipe. Whenever you have more than 1 child in the mix (no pun intended!) there's bound to be a fight or jealousy over who is doing what! If you let one kid do the whole recipe with you, then the others will know it's not their turn and they will get to do it all with you when it is their time! All the fun is scooping out the ingredients, cracking eggs and mixing the dough, don't short change one child by just letting them dump the dough onto the cookie sheet, let them do it all!!

Cookies are really quick and easy to make, if you are doing more than one recipe for multiple children, just cut the recipe in half, or stick the cookie mix in the fridge to finish later, or freeze. Most times, a child's attention span is very short and after they get that first batch in the oven, they won't want to continue waiting and baking several more batches! Who's got time to wait on cookies when there's basketball to play? LOL!

Also I highly recommend little kid aprons, once again, only because they are just sooo cute! I love seeing my kids in aprons and if you can't find any, then make them yourself, they are super easy to make.

If you don't want a mess, then don't bake with kids! I'm a grown adult and I still make messes, so I don't know why in the world some people expect little children not to make messes! I've never figured that one out! Just get the dust pan ready to clean up those extra messes on the floor and as always, the most important ingredient when having kids in the kitchen with you is..........

Happy Baking!

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