Friday, January 28, 2011

Something new...

Yesterday I took my 7 yr old (will be 8 in April) to the dentist to get a tiny cavity between his teeth filled. It showed up on the X-ray. He's the very first of the boys to have a cavity. I knew this day would eventually come, although I prayed it wouldn't. I still can't help but to feel like I didn't do enough to prevent this. I kept thinking what if I didn't fix sweets at all, but sadly life doesn't work that way, at least I'm not going to live my life or punish my kids like that. In fact his 2 brothers (not the baby) eat twice the sweets he does, out of all the kids he's the one that doesn't like icing and prefers his hot cocoa with hardly any chocolate in it! He is the one that loves water and it's his drink of choice 99 % of the time. He's just not that big of a sweet eater, he loves "real food". So I guess it was all the times he went to bed and I found his toothbrush sitting on the bathroom counter untouched (sometimes I make out their toothbrushes for them with the toothpaste). This happened more than once and now he had to pay for it.

So I took him to the Dentist, he was as brave as could be. The dentist didn't use any type of medicine on him, no numbing agent, no nothing! I thought I would freak out and kept watching Nicholas for any signs of distress, LOL! When the dentist wasn't in his mouth, he would look over at me and smile that Million Dollar smile and I knew he wasn't in a lot of pain, which certainly eased my mind! The dentist said it was small enough that it wouldn't hurt him and he was right.

His brothers were waiting with their Daddy when we got home, eager to hear all the painful, gruesome details. They got nothing exciting, only to hear that it didn't hurt at all. So all the years that they heard their Mommy and Daddy tell them how bad cavities hurt and how the drill would hurt was trumped by the actual experience! I'm not ashamed to use fear tactics when it comes to kids and brushing habits, LOL!

I think this experience will be a reminder to all the other 2 kids to keep brushing away and it will certainly be a reminder for me to visible see Nicholas brush every day :)


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