Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Battle of the Bulge Continues...

Fighting with your weight is a battle, a long, enduring battle indeed! For all of the skinny people still left reading this far, you may now close out and roll your eyes and go eat you a donut, LOL! For the dieting people, please forget I said the word donut :-) How many times have you heard the term the battle of the bulge? It really is! You have to constantly monitor what goes in your mouth and how much you consume. Sure you could say I should've never let myself get this big, but it sneaks up on you and then suddenly you realize you are as big as Shamu and have more chins then a Chinese phone book! So in comes damage control and portion control.

Today would've been my last Weight Watcher's meeting. It will be cancelled due to all the snow. I have cancelled to save money. I'm still going to do the program at home, but with a twist. Every week I'm going to weigh myself on Thursday, if I lose, I will put a $10 bill in a clear jar, to motivate me :) If I lose, then well, it will stay in our bank account! I'm using all the money saved to do something special during spring break. WW's cost $10 a week, so that is why I chose the same amount of money.

I'm telling you all this to be another form of accountability for me. So feel free to ask me how I'm doing and hopefully I'll be posting some great updates about my weight loss periodically :-)


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