Monday, January 3, 2011

Sewing and recycling...

I got to thinking about the bedroom curtains we have, actually they are all technically valances, but I always call everything that hangs on a window a curtain :) The ones in the kids room were made from a flat bed sheet, the ones in my bedroom were made from an old table cloth, both were bought from Goodwill for a buck each! I made my oldest son's curtain/valance out of material that I bought at Wal-mart, he has Louisville Cardinals. So for around $8 I made 5 valances, not too shabby considering you can't buy 1 for that price~! They're not the best in the world, but they serve the purpose and add niceness to the rooms!
Before I would never have thought about taking things like bed sheets or table cloths to make curtains out of them. But if you have the right fabric and materials, you can do it and it will save you money!!


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