Friday, October 15, 2010

Raising kids...

My husband said something today that made me think! For those of you that are lucky enough to personally know him, you may think he's a man of few words, but the opposite is true! He got ready for work earlier than usual today, or maybe Nicholas (our 7 yr old) was running late, which probably was the case, since he inherited the slow as a turtle gene from me ;) Anyway, he saw me pull out Nicholas' school clothes from the dryer and heard me tell him to put them on before they got cold. He asked what I was doing, I told him Nicholas likes his clothes to be warm from the dryer when he gets up and it's cold! If your child really enjoys something and you can do it repeatedly, then why not? Right? Wrong! Scott said, "Vicky, think about their future wives!". I seriously doubt a future wife would have warm, toasty clothes waiting for my sons when it turned cold outside! I wouldn't want to do that for my husband everyday, (sorry sweetie)!

So I guess the little things we do now as Mother's could greatly impact the relationship expectations our children have as adults!

If anyone out there is raising four perfect girl's to go with my 4 perfect little men, let me know, LOL!


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