Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A new direction in life...

As I turned 35 years old, I was patiently awaiting the results of a skin biopsy. I'm so happy to report that it was a little benign tumor! I turned 35 on a Sunday, got my results back on Thursday and joined Weight Watchers that same evening! I have decided that enough is enough and I have to change my life before I do encounter some type of medical issue. I make sure my children eat healthy, balanced meals, so why shouldn't I hold myself to that same standard? I want to be around for them as long as possible! Plus having 4 boys the energy level is quadrupled around here, LOL! This has been my 2nd week on WW, the 1st week I lost 7.4 lbs, this week I have done even better, but according to the scale it doesn't reflect it. A girl has to deal with that unwanted "friend" every month and she wrecks havoc on weigh in's, some friend, LOL! But I will bounce back when I'm not bloated like Shamu :-)

This blog won't turn all healthy, just talking about Weight Watcher's stuff. I believe living my life in moderation. I would much rather have a 1/2 cup, 1/2 slice of that unbelievable tasting food, than to have the non tasting low-fat knock off! Many people don't realize that the way they lower the fat in products is they replace it with huge amounts of sodium and sugar, not good! So I still like to eat "real" food, just in smaller portions now!

So a new birthday (I guess I'm technically middle aged now), new outlook on life, a new healthier me :)


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