Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It has happened...

I knew this day was inevitable, me being the only female in a house of 5 males! Normally Scott and I watch TV together after the kids' go to bed. If ever they are up we watch something family oriented, like kiddie movies, stuff about animals, things like that. Tonight Scott turns the TV on and I'm thinking he must want to watch Disney Oceans DVD he got from Netflix, WRONG! He turns it on basketball and the kids' just flock to him like white on rice! They are watching it right now and it's 8 o'clock on a school night! He did ask me if I wanted to watch something else? I do believe that was a trick question, LOL! So in order to save myself from a lynch mob of ankle biters, I said go ahead and watch it :-)

For some of you this may be a normal occurrence, but for us to allow the kids' to watch TV of any type during the school week is odd. On weekends they barely watch it and they are allowed too. I guess basketball is something they can't miss (said with a tiny amount of sarcasm here). But who am I to come between a boy and his sports, at any age??

Fall is here and that means one thing to males- BASKETBALL! They are Louisville Cardinal fan's! Not the kitties (UK), LOL!

While I don't think I will ever love basketball as much as they do, I know I'm totally outnumbered on this one and I happily smile, don't say a word, and go about my business :-)


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