Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parent/Teacher Conferences...

I had a parent/teacher meeting last night for my 7 yr old Nicholas. He is in the 2nd grade. I know most of you probably wouldn't agree with me, but I'm one of those parents that just love parent/teacher conference's! It's a time when I get to go here someone else (that is non-family) brag incessantly about my sweet boy! So for 15-20 minutes I hear how wonderful he is, how incredible he is, how perfect of a student he is, how they wish they had a whole room full of students, yep, you guessed it, just like him! This occurs yearly with both of my kids, Nathan and Nicholas. Remember, these aren't my words or their Grandma's words (although we do think it!), this is a teacher speaking so wonderfully about my children. Not to mention he is already reading beyond his grade level and same in math!!

So if you think I'm bragging, well I'm definitely bragging!!

Vicky (a very proud Mommy to 4 amazing boys!)

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