Monday, January 9, 2012

Take the time...

Today as I was getting ready to fix muffins, my 5 yr old came up and asked if he could help me. I said not right now. I was rushed, I had been cooking all day, I just wanted to get the muffins fixed so I could get that out of the way and fix dinner (before getting my husband from work too!). Not to mention that I'm not feeling too well. You should've seen the look on his perfect little face! It was so sad! That look told me that I didn't have my priorities in the right place! His frown turned to a smile when I told him he could help me! Thankfully this is a rare thing for me. I usually always take the extra time it requires to bake with my little ones. It got me thinking about all the Moms out there that don't take the time, thinking they are too rushed, always saying not right now. We've all been guilty of saying that!

My post today is to urge you to think about how many times do you really say not right now, and never get around to spending time with your kids in the kitchen. Teaching your kids to cook is an essential part of life! Every human should be taught how to cook! It's not about the messes, the dirty dishes, or the flour spilled all over the floor! It's about creating memories, strengthening your bond, having fun and learning an important life tool!

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