Thursday, January 19, 2012

A sidetracked day...

I'm a huge list maker, I just love to make lists! Only problem is that I get sidetracked, easily! I tend to sway off course and not follow my lists. Not good most of the time, but some days it is good! Today I made Ciabatta bread to have with roast beef sandwiches for dinner. Then I thought my husband would like some type of sauce to go with it. Then I thought about mayonnaise, which made me think of roasted garlic mayo. So I roast the garlic and prepare the mayo, it calls for a Tbls of fresh lemon juice. So I get the lemon out and I can't just waste the zest, no way! So I zest the lemon and immediately think of lemon-sugar cookies. So add that on to my growing list of things to make! At least I did mop the kitchen as planned and got a few loads of laundry done. Oh, I made some soup too :-) I would like every sidetracked day to be filled with yummy foods, but we all know that doesn't happen, it's usually filled with tons of big messes to clean up, LOL!

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