Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Being a Mom to ALL boys...

If you notice my profile pic, I have 4 kids, all boys to be exact! This statement for the most part, usually brings out a sense of fear or panic with other people. LOL! I'm really not sure why to be honest. We were at Sam's Club over the weekend and of course I hear the same comment over and over again, (you can visibly see their lips move while counting my sweet boys!), WOW you have all boys, 4 boys! Boy do you have your hands full! This isn't a rare statement, it's a constant one. I'm used to it. I've tried to think of something clever to say back (I'm not good on witty comebacks), but I usually say the old stand by, yes, all boys and I love having all boys, I'm thankful that I do! This brings an even bigger shock to their faces! Last weekend the cashier said, "Really? You're the very first Mom that's ever said that to me!". I find that to be very sad.

To be honest, the biggest sympathy comes from Mom's that have 2 girls and then their 3rd child is a boy. I can almost tell immediately how many kids they have and what gender and birth order they are just from their Mom's comments! It's true! Of course you get the statement if my son was my first I wouldn't have been able to handle anymore kids, I don't know how you do it! Some Mom's are joking, others are very serious! I've even joked to friends telling them they better watch out when their male child arrives. Boys are different than girls! You can tell the lovingly joking comments versus the mean ill willed ones! Or the awful, terrible comment, if he was my first then I wouldn't have had anymore kids! This one really bothers me! Not wanting a child because of it's gender! I cringe whenever I hear that and look down at the cute little face of their little boy standing next to them. You know that has to hurt! Kids understand way more than you think! They also are very intuitive on picking up on any negativity that we as Mom's may have!

Since I don't have any girl children to fully compare, all I can do is make assumptions. I assume my house is a lot louder than a house with all girls. I assume my house is alot more wilder and rowdier than a house with all girls. I assume my house is smellier than a house with all girls, (boys+exercise, need I say more?). I assume that my grocery bill will be double to triple the amount than a house with all girls. That's all I can make are assumptions. Good or bad, right or wrong.

Things that I know for a fact are that my 4 boys couldn't have been given to another Mother that loves them more and is truly and deeply thankful that they are all males! I know that my kids feel loved and very much appreciated, no matter their gender. They know that I don't sit around all sad and depressed why I didn't have a daughter. Instead I let them know how lucky I am that God blessed me with 4 amazing boys! I do consider that very lucky!! I also know that my bathrooms have to be a lot dirtier than a house of all girls, and no one can change my mind on that one, LOL!

As an added bonus, no one loves their Momma like a son :-)

Vicky (a very blessed Mommy!)

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