Monday, May 23, 2011


Thanks to the dawn of the internet and blogs, now we can go on and read just about everything that happens in the lives of almost everyone! I can even read about the lives of Mennonites from their very own blogs! (which I do find interesting, LOL!)

Reading these blogs often leave me sad and defeated. How in the world do they manage to accomplish all of this and that and have 7 kids that they homeschool! It's mind boggling! I rarely blog, my house is always a mess and I don't even homeschool my kids. I just don't see how they find the energy to do it all! Maybe I'm just L-A-Z-Y, yes I said it for the world to see (ok, so maybe my 100 viewers, LOL!), but I just can't physically do everything that I want to do. Sure I could be a lot more strict on the kids and on myself, but if it's sunny out then I want to be out in the sun playing with my kids or watching them, not doing housework! So I guess I'm lazy and unorganized!

I'm going to try my best to do better and get my house organized. My motto of as long as the kids are fed and cared for isn't cutting it anymore because if I don't control the clutter monster then the kids are going to be over taken in the mess, LOL!

I guess I won't be reading many blogs, I already feel like a big enough failure as it is so I won't have to read about some SuperMom boasting about how she does the job of 10 people with a smile on her face, LOL!

I'm not the same person as I was before I had kids, (we never are), I'm not even the same person now as I was 10 years ago. But one thing I do know is that I'm definitely not a SuperMom, nope, just a regular Mom trying her best to make it through yet another day, who passes out each night exhausted, but very happy and thankful for her messy house, not for the things, but the people inside it :-)

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