Monday, May 23, 2011

I did my first 5k!!

This past Saturday I did the Weight Watcher's Challenge, to walk a 5k. Before doing this challenge I have to admit I pretty clueless as to how many miles a 5k is, it's 3.1 miles, which is easily doable. I'm up to 2 miles a day now, so thankfully it wasn't hard for me to walk it.

The best part of this experience was that my oldest son really wanted to walk it with me, well he wanted to run, but walked for my sake, LOL! It was very special for me to walk my very 1st 5k with him, it's something I will never forget!

The whole reason of me losing weight is to have more energy for my kids. To be able to play with them and not feel dog tired all the time.

I'm very happy to say that I've lost a total of 40 lbs in 6 months (I'm not counting the 2 months that I quit WW), I still have about 75 lbs to go, but my energy level has increased about 100%! Seeing the beautiful smiles on my kids faces when I'm playing sports with them is priceless!!


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