Friday, May 20, 2011

Plans for this summer...

I have HUGE plans for this summer, cooking plans with the kids. As the kids got older they declined from being in the kitchen with me. It progressed from being a fun thing to a I don't want to help thing. I never make them help, I always ask who wants to help. Usually when they discover video games or something else that strikes their fancy the I'm left alone in the kitchen. I still have my little Evan (my 4 yr old)that actually gets mad if I don't let him help me bake, but I know the time will come when I will hear him say he doesn't want to help too :(

Well this summer I'm making the kids help me, yes you read that right, forcing them to be in the kitchen! Only to teach them the basic skills they will need in life! I don't want my kids to be 30 and still don't know how to fry an egg! Growing up I wasn't allowed in the kitchen, my Mom never had the patience, she would always say she didn't have the nerves for us to help her, what a lame excuse! Well, cooking and eating are basic essentials of life that need to be taught to every human, boy or girl!

I told the kids about my "idea" and my oldest, Nathan, wasn't too happy about it. Nicholas (8yr old) smiled and was excited and of course little Evan was thrilled! I asked Nathan what he's going to do when he doesn't have his Mommy around to cook for him anymore. He said he would just eat Taco Bell, LOL! I said think about the money and more importantly your health! He laughed and agreed, knowing I was right.

School is out next week and I think I will sit down and make out a menu plan starting the following week. One day a week they will get to pick out any recipe they want from a cookbook and I will help them fix it, then the other time they will learn basic skills along with helping me fix something.

You never know what this summer may turn out to be, I may be sparking the flame of the next Emeril!!

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