Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to School...

Yesterday has got to go down as one of the hardest moments of my life as a Mother. Having to leave my crying 5 year old in the arms of another person while he was saying he wanted his Mommy! It was the first day of school and it was very, very hard! Yes I've been through this now for the 3rd time, but it didn't make it any easier. This was by far the hardest 1st day out of any of the kids. The other big kids didn't cry and yell for me, but little Evan did, it was heart breaking! Walking down the hall I was blabbering like some fool, but I couldn't help it! My child was hurting and it broke my heart! We stayed at the school and my friend that works there went to check on him a couple of times. When I found out he was fine, we left, reluctantly.

I came home and was so upset, even Justin (my 2 yr old) was very upset, but he was just thankful that he didn't get left behind too! He was sad the whole day and when my dh came home from lunch and asked him if he wanted to go to school he just burst out in tears! My husband didn't even get to add on to get the big kids, he just heard the word school and started crying!

But thankfully Evan ended up really liking his first day of Kindergarten! PTL! I'm SOOO relieved! I'm still convinced that it must've been because we were blessed for him to have an amazing teacher this year! In fact, we've been blessed for the third time now since she was also my other two sons K teacher! I just love her to pieces and now I'm even more in awe of her after the way she treated Evan yesterday! I left him in her lap, yes lap, she was holding him just like she would her very own grandson. She even called me yesterday to let me know that after about 15 minutes he was fine and really enjoyed the whole day. So once again, the Lord has blessed us!!

I can't write this without mentioning the older kids, they each went to a new school this year. My oldest started middle school, it's still hard to believe. He really enjoyed it and thought the lunchroom (cafeteria) was just so cool! They play music and have barstools, and that was enough coolness for him, LOL! My other son started 3rd grade and he was lucky enough to have his best friend in his class!

We picked them up and was so relieved and thankful that they each had a great day! We came home and after a snack, we all played outside. I came in and fixed dinner, then talked to Evan some more about his day and then went back outside and I pulled the little kids in their wagon. After baths, I read the little kids 2 books and Evan was out, LOL! He was so tired, he had such a big day!

The big kids finally went to sleep at 9 and somewhere between 9 and 9:30 I fell asleep on the couch watching tv and dh was on the love seat asleep too, LOL! You can tell we're getting old :-) We went to bed and I only got up once to check on the baby and laid back down and slept till 6.

What started out as such a very horrible, upsetting day, ended very good and I'm so thankful for that! I just keep hoping and praying that each day is great for my 3 big kids in school!! Oh and btw, Evan was all smiles this morning! I met his principal in the hallway and she asked how he was and I told her, and she said Mom is all smiles too, and she was so right!!


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