Monday, November 1, 2010

You get what you pay for...

This old saying applies to anything in life! This hit me like a ton of bricks last night, or should I say splattered! I made a homemade marinade and cut up 3 packages of chicken breasts (on manager's special from Kroger!) and I was putting it in a plastic bag to freeze. The freezer bags were the dollar special from the Dollar Tree. What was I thinking buying bags from the Dollar Tree? To my defense, I always double bag, so I assumed they would be okay, WRONG! I had 4 (1 gallon size) bags and happily put the chicken pieces in them and pour the marinade, one by one, then one bag starts to leak, then another, then another, well you get the point! UGH! I was so mad at myself for buying such cheap bags. Scott said by the time I had to double and triple bag the meats it would cost as much as Ziploc! Now I know that! Oh, the splatter came when the flimsy bag fell over and the marinade splattered out before I could grab it. It was a big 'ole mess at 11:30 at night! Don't ask me why it was that late! I get easily sidetracked during the day and have to do stuff when the kids are in bed! So after cleaning the floor up several times and still having to mop again today, I will no longer buy cheap freezer bags at the Dollar Tree :)

The baby has a well baby check up today and it's in the same town that has a Dollar Tree, and yes it has already crossed my mind that I need more bags, AHHHHHHHHHH! The insanity never ends, LOL! But I just won't use them for liquids :-)


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