Thursday, November 4, 2010

My grass is totally greener...

Weird title for my post, don't ya think? How many times have you heard that old expression the grass is greener on the other side? Well I've been thinking the grass is pretty green on my side of the fence and I like it here :-) I've had a lot of free time to be thinking (well maybe just 30 extra minutes, but that's a lot for me!) since my husband has been out of town on a business trip. I started missing him even before he left! Now I REALLY miss him, just the little things that he does for me that I take for granted. Like when I've been typing my homework on the computer and my neck and back starts hurting, he's always there to give me a massage. Always there to run a quick errand for me. He'll buy anything at the store, except for maxi pads, he does have limits, LOL! Whenever I have some silly idea of some sorts, he's always there to support me even if it's the most ignorant thing I've ever said! I may not say it a lot, but I'm truly a lucky woman!

He may not know that tomorrow he'll be coming home to a special meal with his favorite dessert, but he knows that he'll be coming home to a messy, disorganized house full of screaming kids and a thankful wife, who think he's the most important man in the world!
So you see, the grass is totally greener from my side of the fence...


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