Sunday, June 6, 2010

Flea Markets!

I just LOVE flea markets! Yesterday we went and I found a Franklin Covey all leather organizer for $10, it was in near perfect condition and it retails for $119! I also found Coupon Mom's book for 2 bucks! How cool is that?? My husband found the complete guitar hero band for $50, it retails $399 new and $199 used! so he saved $150! It works fine! For many years I didn't go to flea markets, I thought it was just a bunch of junk, who wants other people's trash?? Well 4 kids' later and only one income, I have changed my way of thinking and to be honest, even if we were rich, I would still go to flea markets! Oh, I forgot, Scott (my dh) bought a Kodak photo printer that hooks up to your camera (the dock) or computer at the flea market for only $5! I wouldn't have bought it thinking there's no way that thing would work, he said he would take the chance. Well he brought it home and it works perfectly! Now we can print photos out on our little machine :-)

So I hope each of you find a little flea market to go to, you never no what "treasure" awaits for you!


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