Sunday, March 18, 2012


My oldest son recently had the opportunity to review this website. He is in the 6th grade. I'll tell you his thoughts on first, and then I will give you my thoughts! He said it was awesome! After asking him to elaborate, he said he loved the interactive things. He is a visual learner also, so this worked out great for him! He would eagerly do his schoolwork on his own, without me telling him too! I would often hear him laughing, he thought it was funny and cool! The most important thing about it was many times he covered a topic that wasn't covered in his class at public school. So not only was he getting a review on some subjects, he was learning important new facts!

Now what did I think of it? As a parent that has a very strict guideline of what is important in educational studies, I have to say that I was impressed with! Not only did my 6th grader enjoying watching the videos, but so did I! I would sit with him and watch many of the videos, it never seemed like tedious work, just fun! As a parent, I greatly enjoyed that I could sign into the account and make out lesson plans and print off extra assignments that corresponded with the subject matter covered that day! I got to review his quiz scores, work completed and also got to monitor his time spent on the website's virtual playground! The joy of the website is the laid out lessons that you can customize yourself. You can do as many as you want for the day and week.

The only tiny negative I have to say that is if you do use it entirely for Homeschooling, I would supplement some additional things, like handwriting, and of course additional reading. Not much of a negative! I love this website! It's great for Homeschoolers, or even for kids that need that extra reinforcement after school. I highly recommend this. It's one of the easiest, and funnest educational websites that I've found on-line. It has a very affordable, low monthly price that is sure to fit into everyone's budget.

Interested in learning more about Click here and see for yourself what all the buzz is about!

Disclaimer: The opinion expressed is my own personal thoughts. The content was not written by Time4Learning, but I was compensated.


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