Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Starting a new cleaning challenge, please join me!!

I stumbled on an e-book that I think is worth sharing. It's called 31 Days to Clean. I bought it for my Nook for $4.99. Not that it matters, but this is only the 2nd book I've ever bought for my Nook (yes I'm that cheap and picky!) What I really loved about the ideal of this e-book was that it has challenges to do. I'm desperately searching for something to click with me and I think this may just be the thing! Just today the author has released free downloads for daily challenges now, so I will be beginning this on Monday and I hope some of you will join me! Here is the website that tells you all the information about the book.

You can get the book on your Nook, Kindle or download to your computer, so no waiting for the book to arrive in the mail, it's instant, gotta love that!

I bought this book yesterday and my house is already cleaner! What I loved the most was it was written by a real Mom that still has little kids in the house and basically hates to clean. Hey wait, that's me too! LOL! So I can totally relate! I'm super excited to start the daily challenges this Monday, June 6th. I'm going to keep a link on my sidebar if anyone is interested!
Happy Cleaning!!


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