Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spoiled with food...

We were expecting bad weather last night and unfortunately we didn't! So that means it was a morning where I was way over tired from staying up too late. I got up early, but felt sluggish, still do. I fixed banana bread yesterday and my 7 yr old wanted that for breakfast, my 10 yr old wanted oatmeal, nothing major. My 4 yr old gets up and doesn't want either one, doesn't want scrambled eggs, wants a pancake. Normally he may get pancakes one time a week, or every other week, I make them up and keep them in the freezer. Guess what? I'm out of pancakes, no biggie, I have a box mix in the pantry that I keep for drop biscuits (specifically Red Lobster copy cat ones) mmm, ok, I'm getting off the subject, LOL!

I fix him a pancake and guess what? He won't eat it, says it tastes bad. AHHHHHHH, it's one of those mornings!

Speaking of pancakes, my Mother-in-law makes the most wonderful, glorious pancakes I've ever laid my mouth on! They are the best in the world! I'm not a big pancake eater and I could eat her's everyday of my life and never tire of them, LOL! She makes a special homemade syrup with them and they are to die for!

I homemake her pancake recipe myself and although they are quite tasty, they are nothing compared to hers! That old saying is true, no one cooks like your Momma, in my case my mother-in-law! I've been with her since I was 16 years old, so she is like a Mom to me :)

So maybe my kids aren't the only ones spoiled with good homemade food, I am too, LOL!


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