Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Movie Review: The Expendables

We watched this movie last night and it was just okay for me. Normally I love action movies, but this one was just too gory for me, I can tolerate seeing someone shot, I just don't want to see blood everywhere and see all the gross detail. Yeah I'm aware that is what happens whenever someone is shot, LOL! But I just don't want to see it in detail! The storyline was decent, the casting was superb. Although we were left wondering what qualified the one guy from White Chicks to be an action hero. Every time I look at him I see him driving down the road singing that song from the movie, ROFL!! For those of you that have seen White Chicks, I'd bet you money you're hearing that song in your head right now and laughing hysterically :-) For those of you that haven't seen it, well you are sadly missing a funny movie and bare with me in this review!
The most exciting part of the movie was when I saw Arnold Schwarzenegger come on the screen, no, not because I have some weird obsession with him, but because I thought there was going to be some Terminator crap going on and got excited, LOL! Sadly, it was very brief cameo and then he was gone! Stallone delivered some funny lines, but frankly he will never top Rambo in my book! Over all it was kinda boring for me.


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